2013 February Event

Valentine's is the theme of our February Event and is when we invite our wives and significant others to join us. Andre Chabanel was the Event Lead and he created a wonderful menu for us to amaze our guests with.

The menu tonight included:

Amuse - Spicy Tuna Tartare on Crispy Rice

Appetizer - Coquilles St Jacques - a play on the classic baked scallop dish featuring truffles and scallops

Soup - Thomas Keller's modern approach to Split Pea Soup - Not your grandmother's recipe!

Palate cleanser - Mango and Campari Sorbet

Main - Filet of Pork with a Calvados Cream Sauce, Roasted Brussel Sprouts dusted with Porcini and Sauteed Apples

Cheese course - Spiced Sauternes Poached Apricots under a Goat Cheese Mousse, Honey and Pistachios

Dessert - Chocolate Torte with a Blood Orange Sabayon

Petit Fours - of the chef's choosing

Thank you to all who came early and made this another successful event.