1. Attendance will be limited to 32 members and guests.

  2. Reservations will be available to members only during the week after the invitation is first issued through the PUNCHBOWL system.

  3. Members are expected to respond to the initial invitation during the first week with a reply of YES, LATER or NO. You can always come back and change your response, but we do require your attention to this item before the event is opened to guests.

  4. If members have not filled the available spots after one week, the event will be opened to prior guests who are on our mailing list.

  5. Members and guests who request reservations after the limit of 32 has been reached should contact us and request that they be notified if space opens up. The president or scheduling officer will notify them If their request can be honored.

  6. If necessary, you may cancel or change your reservation to the Monthly Event anytime up to 72 hours prior to the Event. After that time, the reservations are committed and the corresponding food and wine will be procured. If you are unable to attend you are responsible for the full cost of your and your guests reservations.