This is a list of our menus for the 2019-2020 season. We have been challenged by a variety of chef's as well as ourselves. Click any month that is in BLUE ITALICS to view the recipes -generally sized for 25 or 30 servings.

2019/2020 season

September - Chef- Justice Stewart

1st Course: : Corn Maque Choux Salad with Mini Crab Cake
Second Course: New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp with an Herb Crostini
Third Course: Chicken and Andoullie Gumbo
Fourth Course: Blackened Venison Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Mash and Crispy Leeks
Fifth Course: Strawberry and Banana's Forster with Vanilla Ice Cream

October - Chef- Robert Dick

First Course: Spiced Duckling Breast Salad with Orange Dressing
Beer Breads: Cheddar Beer Triangles and Guinness Beer Bread
Second Course: Hochzeitssuppe mit FleischklöBchen (Meatball Soup)
Third Course: Beef Rouladen and Kartoffelkloesse (German Potato Dumplings)
with Roasted Beets, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots and Asparagus
Fourth Course: Rich Beer Float
Young's Double Chocolate Stout w/ Häagen-Dazs Vanilla and Fresh Whipped Cream

November - Chef- Our Executives - Kiddie Keep Well Camp Benefit Dinner

Appetizer: Shrimp & Chorizo with crusty bread
Soup: Wild mushroom soup with Sherry and Thyme
Fish: Sole stuffed with a scallop and salmon mouse and served with a mandarin sauce
Intermezzo - Pink Grapefruit and Champagne Sorbet
Main: Chef Jesse's Coq Au Vin
Dessert: Raspberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding

January - Chef- Anthony Bucco

1st course: Heirloom Beets | Goat Cheese Mousse | Coffee Soil
2nd course: Octopus | Fried Bread | Lime Mayonnaise | Pickled Vegetables
3rd course: Potato Gnocchi | Delicata Squash | Fried Sage| Pumpkin Seed
4th course: Coppa Wrapped Pork Tenderloin | Romesco | Romanesco Cauliflower | Salsa Verde
5th course: Budino | Chocolate Crumble | Whipped Cream | Salted Caramel

Valentines Event - Chef Andre Chabanel

Amuse - celeriac cream, king crab and apple mint gellee
Scallops - chicken skin crust, wilted greens, Meyer lemon and roast chicken drippings
Mushrooms - roasted king mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, truffle cream sauce and grated preserved mushrooms
Sorbet - Mango - Lime Sorbet
Main - seared filet with herb butter, mashed rutabaga, creamed kale with olive oil poached egg yolk, sautéed radishes
Dessert - dark chocolate German chocolate cake.