Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to Les Marmitons of New Jersey. We truly appreciate your personal involvement in this effort and hope that you will come away with an appreciation of what being a Les Marmitons means to all of us. Each of our events has an Event Leader who is responsible for interfacing with you and coordinating our efforts prior to and on the day of the event. He is your primary contact and will coordinate every aspect of your event. . Our first priority is to receive the menu you plan to have us prepare under your direction. You are not expected to prepare anything, but rather to instruct us in unique steps you may require and maybe demonstrate some of it as well. If we see you cooking we will take your knife away and put it in your car! We need the complete menu for a four (or five) course dinner at least one month in advance of the event. This gives us the time to post it in our invitation to our members and guests to obtain their commitment to attending..

Next we need complete recipes for each course. These can be for four or eight servings. If you do not have written recipes we will be happy to visit you at your convenience to discuss them, take notes and write them up to the best of our ability. Once you have approved them we will scale them up to suit the number of attendees and send them to you for your final review. The Event Leader will prepare a complete shopping list, which you may also review if you wish, and purchase all of the items on the weekend prior to the event, which is always on a Monday night. He may ask for your help in obtaining an exotic item that cannot be found locally. You will be paid for any food items you bring to the event. .

The Event Leader will deliver all the provisions to the hall by 5:00 pm and place them on prep tables set up for each course. It is helpful if you arrive before 5:30 pm and review these allocations just in case we have missed something or an item is to be shared between two courses but all of it is on only one table. Grab a glass of wine and a few starters that we will have prepared and relax. The Event Lead will already have started any procedure that requires more time than can fit in the time between 6:30 pm and serving time. He will have already determined any early start item with you and have taken the proper steps to ensure that the work plan is in place. After a brief business meeting and your introduction to the group, we break into teams and start serious prep work around 6:30 pm. We always try to get the first course out between 7:30 and 8:00 and the last course no later than 10:00pm. We cleanup and get away from the hall by 11:00 pm..

ENJOY, We know you will have fun. Many of our chef's are multiple repeat guests and they tell us it gets better each time they come. Our enthusiasm is infectious, our skills are darned good and our respect for your talents is boundless.