Membership in Les Marmitons New Jersey Chapter is a simple affair. All it takes is a desire to learn new cooking skills and agree to live by the By-Laws and Rules of the club. Members maintain their good standing by attending at least three regular monthly events, keeping annual dues and event fees current and supporting regulations on safety, appropriate dress and behavior during club events.

Members in good standing may invite a guest to attend any of the regular Events of the Chapter. After having attended three regular monthly events, a prospective member may be proposed for membership in Les Marmitons, subject to approval of the Executive Board.

Upon acceptance for membership, a new member will pay a New Member Fee plus the annual dues and must purchase the Les Marmitons chef's coat, hat and medallion.

The Chef's costume, the jacket and hat, or toque, are steeped in history and tradition which members honor by dressing appropriately for each regular event and by wearing Les Marmitons jacket and hat. Members are also required to bring their chef and paring knives to each cooking event.

At the Annual Meeting and other special events, members are required to wear the club jacket, hat and medallion as well as a white shirt, tie and dress pants.

The French word comportment, referring to one's manner or bearing, has special meaning at Les Marmitons. Members share a common desire to cultivate and enjoy the gastronomic and social aspects of the club - and excessive consumption as well as the conducting of commercial business is deemed inappropriate at club events.