This is a list of our menus for the 2016-2017 season. We have been challenged by a variety of chef's as well as ourselves. Click any month that is in BLUE ITALICS to view the recipes -generally sized for 25 or 30 servings.

2016/2017 season

September - Self Run Event by Andre Chabanel
1st Course: – Chilled corn soup with Benton’s smoked bacon and gazpacho shooter.
2nd Course: – Pan roasted Prosciutto wrapped monkfish with smoked tomatoes, crispy basil and sweet pea emulsion
3rd Course: – Duo of squab (confit leg and seared breast) with Morrocan spice, served with roasted zuchinni, corn risotto and squab sauce
4th Course: – Fennel infused pavlova with late summer fruits, tarragon, fresh cream (thinking mix of sheep and cow) and raspberry coulis

October- Chef Jason Ramos

1st Course: Alaskan king crab salad with avocado gazpacho
2nd Course: Chatham cod with savoy cabbage fondue and clams
3rd Course: Venison tenderloin with mustard spaetzli, charred Brussel sprout leaves and huckleberry marmalade
4th Course: Black plum and ginger cobbler with black pepper gelato

October - International Executive Meeting
1st Course: 1st Course: Thomas Keller inspired "cannolis” - salmon tartar and avocado cream.
2nd Course: She Crab Soup – Just enough butter to make you remember it!
3rd Course: Seared scallops with Tangerine sauce
4th Course: Squab with Moroccan spice, smoked tomatoes, corn risotto and squab sauce
5th Course: Blue Cheese Cake
6th Course: Chocolate Orbit Cake with Pistachio Creme Anglaise

November - Chef Grace Castagnetto
1st Course: Crab Stuffed Coconut Shrimp - served with baby arugula and mango glaze
2nd Course: Pozole Rojo - Mexican pork soup served with hominy, Ancho and Guajillo peppers
3rd Course: Churasscco con Chimmichurri - MOJO marinaded skirt steak, Arroz moro, fresh chimmichurri sauce
4th Course: Tembleque - coconut pudding with toasted cocout shavings

January - Chef Bryan Gregg
1st Course: Butternut Squash, Cider, Pecan, Bacon Crema
2nd Course: Scallops, Smoked Apple, Kohlrabi, Black Truffle Brown Butter
3rd Course: Beef with Fermented Mushroom Butter
4th Course: Kentucky Bourbon Puddings with Candied Pecans

February - Valentine's Day Self Run
Amuse: Lump Crab Meat, Red Pepper Tartar and Corn Custard
1st Course Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Classic Accompaniments
2nd Course Classic Shrimp Bisque a la Julia Child
3rd Course Eric Ripert's Black Sea Bass Poached with Ginger and Scallions Intermezzo Carrot and Clementine Sorbet
4th Course Steak Diane with Chef Claude's Sweet Potato Gratin and Asparagus
5th Course Bakewell Tart
Petit Fores

March - Chef Sabrina States
1st Course: Shrimp in Tomato Sauce on Grilled garlic bread
2nd Course: Gnocchi infused with Peas with brown butter and sage
3rd Course: Lamb Chops dusted w/ pistachios w/ Purple yam puree and charred broccoli
4th Course: Zabaglione with Raspberries

April - Menu by Chef Christine Nunn
1st Course: Brandied Chicken Liver Pate on French Baguette
2nd Course: Smoked Salmon Napoleon
3rd Course: Braised Rabbit with Ramps, Wild Mushrooms and Tri-Color Baby Carrots with a Celeriac Puree
4th Course: Lime Sugar cookies with watermelon sorbet

May - Menu by our Executives
First Course: Crab Cakes with Louisiana Romoulade
Second Course: Grilled Octopus with Potatoes and Chipotle Gastrique
Third Course: Grilled Salmon Steak with Goat Cheese and Garlic Polenta and Steamed Samphire
Fourth Course: Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisps