Our guest chef this month is Chef Robert Dick. Chef Dick is Corporate Executive Chef at Friendwell Group of Companies. Executive Chef Embassy Suites Hilton Piscataway New Jersey.

The menu for tonight is an Oktoberfest Feast with beers from Climax Brewery : The owner of Climax Brewery, Dave Hoffman, was our guest tonight and introduce each of his beers.

First Course : Spiced Panned Breast of Duckling with Arugula, Orange Dressing, Grape Tomato, Slivered Almonds, Julienne Carrot. Climax Golden Ale

Second Course: Huchzeitssuppe mit Fleischklobchen (meatball soup) Beef, Veal & pork in a light Chicken Broth Climax E6B

Third Course: Beef Rouladen - panned gravy, Potato Dumplings, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Asparagus. Climax Oktoberfest

Fourth Course: Rich Beer Float - Chocolate Stout with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Whipped Cream - Young's Double Chocolate Stout